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District Badge History

Early Basingstoke East District badge

The first District badge was embroidered in brown on a sky blue background, depicting a canal barge. It was designed in 1979 by Tim Wright from Basingstoke Air Scouts, when the then Basingstoke District was split into Basingstoke East and Basingstoke West Scout Districts. The Badge is a reminder of the Basingstoke Canal, parts of which now lay buried beneath Festival Place shopping centre and Basingstoke Bus Station. The route of the canal can be followed from the Town Centre, along Eastrop Way, which runs alongside Eastrop Park. Its course can still be traced in parts of the village of Old Basing and then on across Basingstoke Common.

Current Basingstoke East District badge

The badge was later re-designed in 1999, by Nick Woodcock of Basingstoke Sea Scouts, to become a dual badge with the Hampshire County badge and features a more colorful recreation of the earlier badge.

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Whats on....

St Georges Day Parade

St Georges flag


Saturday 27th April

A Tri District event, each District meeting at three locations in Town centre and marching off at 10:15, converging into one long Parade, passing down through Festival Place and exiting at the bottom by the restaurants where the salute will take place.

Haarlem Jamborette

Haarlem Jamborette logo

28th Jul to 6th Aug 2019

Get ready for the coolest International Scout camp in Europe… Get ready for the 13th Haarlem Jamborette!

With 10 days full of activities including hiking through characteristic Dutch landscapes, getting to know other scouts from more than 15 different countries