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Basingstoke East Scout District was formed in May 1979 at a time when Scouting in Basingstoke was at its highest with membership across the borough of Basingstoke and Deane numbering well over 2000 young people and some 25-30 Groups in all. Parts of the Borough to the north and west of the town, including Tadley, Baughurst, Headley, Pamber Heath and Kingsclere had already been removed to form Silchester District in 1966. Hampshire County Scout Council nevertheless still considered the remaining areas of the Borough too large for one person to handle and, despite grumbles (some of which continue to this day), Basingstoke East, and Basingstoke West Districts were born!

Basingstoke East District is defined as, 'covering the civil parishes of Ellisfield, Herriard, Weston Corbett, Weston Patrick, Upton Grey, Tunworth, Winslade, Cliddesden, Mapledurwell, and Up Nately together with that part of Basingstoke Town Centre which lies to the east of the western ring road'.

At its initial registration in January 1980, the District comprised of 12 Scout Groups:-

31751 1st Basingstoke (Trinity Methodist)

37764 2nd Basingstoke - became 39985 2nd Basingstoke (North) in 1983

39407 3rd Basingstoke (St. Thomas' School for the Deaf). Amalgamated with Oakridge in 1984

38822 5th Basingstoke (Roman Catholic). Closed January 2001

36467 7th Basingstoke (St. Mary's Eastrop). Subsequently renamed 7th Basingstoke (All Saints) closed 2002

25295 8th Basingstoke (United Reformed Church).

34821 11th Basingstoke (St. Michaels). Original registration number 15576 c 1926

03413 Old Basing. Registered nationally as 9953 18th Basingstoke (Old Basing) 1922, renamed Old Basing in 1967

42013 Black Dam. Categorised as a Sea Scout Group in 1989 and retitled Basingstoke Sea Scouts (Eastrop Park) in 2006

42100 St Gabriels (Popley). Amalgamated with 2nd Basingstoke and re-registered as 44826 1st Popley (Everest) in 1986. 'Everest' dropped from title 2009

42737 Oakridge. Closed 2001

42755 Basingstoke Air Scouts

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The increase in residential areas on the fringes of the town and the destruction of large areas in the original town centre as part of the London overspill agreement of the 1970s, together with the resultant changes to demographic trends and living patterns, led to the amalgamation/closure of several Groups in the 1980s. A new Group, 1st Chineham Group was registered in October 1981. The 3rd Basingstoke (St. Thomas' School for the Deaf) Cub Pack merged with Oakridge Group in 1984 whilst 2nd Basingstoke(North) and St. Gabriel's Groups amalgamated to form 1stPopley (Everest) Group in 1986.

Today the District comprises of ten Groups and two Explorer Scout Units. Most Groups/Units are based in or near the town centre with the remainder in Old Basing, Chineham and Popley.

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St Georges Day Parade

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Saturday 27th April

A Tri District event, each District meeting at three locations in Town centre and marching off at 10:15, converging into one long Parade, passing down through Festival Place and exiting at the bottom by the restaurants where the salute will take place.

Haarlem Jamborette

Haarlem Jamborette logo

28th Jul to 6th Aug 2019

Get ready for the coolest International Scout camp in Europe… Get ready for the 13th Haarlem Jamborette!

With 10 days full of activities including hiking through characteristic Dutch landscapes, getting to know other scouts from more than 15 different countries